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3273 Fairfield Avenue,
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Rental Equipment

Orbit Marine Rents Everything You Need

Just going through the class? You may not have bought any equipment yet. Perhaps you need gear for the checkout, or maybe for your first few real dives. Maybe you are just missing one item for a dive. Perhaps something is broken or lost

No matter what you need, call Orbit, 203-333-DIVE (3483), and ask

Orbit can rent almost anything you need for a day or a week

Mask & Snorkel10.00 Per Day
Gloves5.00 Per Day
Fins5.00 Per Day
Boots5.00 Per Day
Reg & Gauge15.00 Per Day
Hood4.00 Per Day
Depth Gauge5.00 Per Day
Weight Belt1.50 Per Day
Tank$15.00 Per Day
Weights: 1 Lb0.15/Lb Per Day
Jacket or John10.00 Ea. Per Day
Light10.00 Per Day
Full Suit15.00 Per Day
Camera35.00 Ea. Per Day
Jump Suit (Full Suit)15.00 Ea. Per Day
Computer25.00 Per Day
BCD15.00 Per Day

Weekly Rate Is 1/2 Daily Rate Times Number Of Days

If you just need a tank (s) for our charter dives, we charge just $10 each tank and we’ll even bring the tank to the boat for you

Students and Charter Customers get everything (except mask, snorkel, fins, boots and gloves) for just $40.00

Students can come to the shop, pick up their boarding pass and wetsuit, and go to the boat where everything else will be waiting.