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Wreck Diving


In comparison to the open Atlantic Ocean, Long Island Sound was, and still is, a major safer water route between NY and Rhode Island. Protected on both sides by Long Island to the south and the Connecticut shoreline to the north, LI Sound offers not only interesting rock reef diving but many new and old wreck diving! Our major local reef dives typically are done along the famous Penfield Reef and light house off Fairfield, CT.  Our local wreck sites consist of several mid 1800’s schooners, a tug boat and barge (sank 1984), an early 1900’s schooner barge and other unknown vessels from the 1800's and 1900's!

Although most weekends our boats are filled with Open Water and Advanced students for training, we do, when we can muster up enough qualified divers, head to one of our local wreck sites. To find out what's going on for any given weekend, please call the shop at 203-333-3483.  Unlike destination (Florida + Tropics) shops, we don't have set weekly schedules. We cater our weekend trips to the divers that want to sign up.

We schedule dives every Saturday and Sunday and, when requested, an early morning one tank wreck dive during the week. Typically, we start our local dive season mid June through the end of October.